Casino Data Imaging Announces Strategic Relationship With Intelligencia

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Casino Data Imaging (CDI), a hot shot innovator in advanced visualization and analysis solutions, announced this week a strategic relationship with Hong Kong based Intelligencia.

If you’re not familiar, Intelligencia is a technology company involved with BI, CI, CRM, Data Lakes, marketing automation and analytics implementation for several casinos in Macau as well as offsite with clients in both Australia and the United States.

“Intelligencia’s expertise in data mining, analytics and business intelligence is impressive and brings a terrific knowledge base to CDI,” says CDI’s George Levine. “Leveraging their disciplines provides more value to our development path and GlobalSuite customers.”

For optimizing casino performance and revenue, CDI GlobalSuite delivers the solutions and support needed that are fast, actionable, cost effective and constantly evolving. Built on top the latest Microsoft technologies, GlobalSuite™ is able to stand alone and/or complement existing BI assets already in place.

“We are pleased to include CDI as a technology partner and will be incorporating them on several projects,” adds managing director Andrew Pearson. “Intelligencia helps companies determine best practices for managing their data, including extensive consulting and development for predictive modeling, CRM, and social media marketing. Our own IP includes BetWatch, a real-time analytics engine for the sports betting industry.”

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