The Cold Never Bothered Caesars Casino Anyway

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The Cold Never Bothered Caesars Casino AnywayYes, I just quoted a Frozen song so “Let it go.”

All joking aside, with New Jersey having legalized online gambling, Caesars is adding a new marketing campaign this month. Adweek explains that, “As the weather gets chillier, Caesars Casino wants to let New Jersey residents know they don’t have to leave their homes to try their luck: They can play online.”

When I say play online, I also don’t mean a handful of games either. According to the report in question, players “can play more than 120 games on the casino’s website.”

Caesars Interactive Entertainment VP of digital marketing Adrian Bailey says they “wanted to make the public more aware of what we’re offering from an online perspective and highlight to the market the different kinds of games we have.”

So why is Caesars advertising now and not in the summertime? “Typically,” Bailey explains, “online gaming ads die down in the summer because most companies assume people have time to visit brick-and-mortar locations. However, as the weather gets worse and people have less free time to travel, Caesars believes it’s the perfect opportunity to plug 24/7 online gaming.”

So, it might be perceived that everyone will be in their warm homes gambling on their PC’s. What about people who may not own a PC? Not a problem, says Caesars. Its games are available across multiple platforms, spanning leading mobile devices to standard PCs.

Bottom line? Bailey has one message for the gaming community: “We want to tell people we’re Caesars and we’re online.”

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