Why Go Social with Casino Marketing?

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Why Go Social with Casino MarketingFor some reason, social media marketing is not at the top of the typical marketer’s list when the time comes to begin formulating a plan for a casino-related campaign. But social media has the best engagement rates of almost any advertising platform in existence. And, best of all, social channels give you an outlet to not only connect with current customers, but to actually find new ones.

As if another reason is needed, social media even has an inherently viral nature, where posts are spread from feed to feed, getting your message in front of a huge number of people. So how can you use social media to market your casino? Here are three of the best reasons to use social media for casino marketing.

1.      Networking – Networking is the main focus of social media and it can be leveraged to spread your casino or gaming company’s message and news quickly and cheaply. If you are having drawings or tournaments, social media is the best place to announce the news because that is where your clients are more likely to look when seeking out information about your casino, including what events are coming up.
2.      Mobile – Mobile marketing is made a hundred times easier with social media, which is already built to scale to the mobile platform. While you’re perfecting your mobile-optimized website (and if you’re not, you should be!), you just need to have a social media page, and your info will be easily accessible from any mobile device.
3.      Promotions – You can now run your promotions right through your social media pages. Facebook remains the most popular channel and it has the best tools for driving people not only to your page, but also to your promotion, which can seriously boost your engagement numbers and, ultimately, your casino or gaming company’s bottom line.

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