Media Impressions Not Atlantic City’s Benchmark

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The-FTCs-New-Native-Ad_shutterstock_164107328The Atlantic City Alliance (ACA) is the agency responsible for staying on top of the city’s negative news. In the past few years negative news has been related primarily to casino closures, financial concerns, and legal issues the city is facing.

While many similar agencies focus on how many media impressions each of their negative or positive news articles generates, the ACA has developed a different benchmark. The thought behind their benchmark acknowledges the fact that just because media impressions may be high, that there is not necessarily a measurement of the negative or positive impact.

Instead, The Philadelphia Business Journal reports, the ACA has devised a measurement tool designed around specific goals and criteria. This includes factors such as third-party endorsements, the accompanying visuals, and whether the content is deemed as primarily positive or negative. For example, just because someone is reading a negative piece of content, does not believe that they agree with the content.

To learn more about how marketing decisions are being made and opportunities assessed, check out the full report here.

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