Will Online Fantasy Sports Games Surpass the Success Of Online Gambling?

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Copyright © 2006 David PilibosianAlthough regulated online gambling isn’t widely available across the United States, consumer adoption even within regulated markets has not been met with the once expected demand. So while online gambling is still generating millions of dollars on a monthly basis, it continues to fall short of expectations.

But while countless legislators at the state and Federal levels are still weighing the pros and cons of offering regulated online gambling, others are beginning to think outside of the box.

Killian Jones of British PlayOn.com is one of these individuals thinking outside the box. His plan is to expand online fantasy gaming in the US.

According to the Financial Times, PlayOn.com has already captured the attention of gamers from over 100 countries. By expanding fantasy gaming efforts to the US, the potential for new gaming revenue stands to be quite significant.

Since fantasy gaming does not fall under the same category as online gaming, or even sports betting for that matter, regulatory concerns, and gambling taxation do not apply. Prizes for fantasy gaming can extend into the millions, and the industry for life-like fantasy sports gaming is already present (and growing more popular by the day).

So is online fantasy sports the next big market for real-money gaming in the US? Smart money seems to be betting on it.

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