Digital Gambling Pioneers Keeping Eyes on Oculus Rift

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Digital Gambling Pioneers Keeping Eyes on Oculus RiftOn Wednesday, stealing some opening day thunder from CES 2016, the long-awaited Oculus Rift became available for preorder with a price tag of $599.

The VR headset from the Facebook-owned company is expected to ship in March.

Hundreds of games, movies, and other digital content are in the works for Oculus Rift. And increasingly, we’re hearing more about casino gaming companies wanting to create VR casino games to effectively change in a dramatic fashion the way online gambling is enjoyed from home.

“The online gaming industry is constantly undergoing innovations, with the latest craze being skill-based slots,” writes Jim Murphy of RMA. “But looking much farther ahead, will we see far more virtual reality gaming at online casinos in the future? It’s very likely that virtual reality gambling would be a hit among many people. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy being closer to the slot characters that they see on the reels? However, the biggest problem would be clearing the legal red tape surrounding this idea.”

While they may not be casino games, Oculus Rift will ship this spring with two free games to showcase the power of VR gaming to users. And you can bet casino games will follow closely behind.

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