Gamers Soon to Find Their Favorite Atari Classics in Mobile, Online Casinos

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Gamers Soon To Find Their Favorite Atari Classics In CasinosIn a recent announcement, the classic gaming masterminds at Atari confirm that they have joined forces with gambling game developer Pariplay to turn classic Atari favorites into lottery and casino games.

Some of the games that will be adapted for a gambling format are Pong, Centipede, and Asteroids. These games will begin showing up in casinos, lottery locations, and in approved online and mobile gaming formats.

Pariplay refers to these new formats as iLottery and iGaming.

This announcement is being met with mixed reviews, however. Now gamers will have the opportunity to play classic Atari favorites with the possibility of winning money. It also allows individuals who are not fond of, or are unfamiliar with classic casino games a new format in casinos.

On the flip side, many diehard Atari fans feel that the company is selling out and has forgotten the principles upon which the company was originally built. There is also concern that the move will reflect poorly on the Atari brand as a whole.

Nonetheless, fans of classic Atari favorites will not only have increased public access to Atari games but they can put their skills to the test, and maybe even win a little money. This new method of gambling is expected to be available in a variety of different global locations by Q4 of 2014.

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