Mobile is the Marketing Tool of Choice for Millennials

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Mobile is the Marketing Tool of Choice for MillennialsAnyone working in mobile marketing knows that millennials are mobile’s BFFs.

That’s also the perspective of Marcus Yoder, VP of New Business Development for Gamblit Gaming, who was recently interviewed by

As covered today by our sister site MMW, Yoder explained how casinos can use apps to entice millennials.

Consumers ages 18 to 34 in the U.S. spend an average of 26 hours a month on social media apps. That’s an opportunity gambling companies — and casinos in particular — can’t afford to overlook.

“If you look at 21 to 35 year olds, 35 percent of them go to casinos but only 2 percent of them actually wager on anything,” explained Yoder. “And you know, 68 percent of them have no issues with wagering.”

“We have to think of your phone almost like a lobby. People, the millennials especially, are not simply going to one site to go get everything,” said Yoder. “They’re not on Facebook trying to do messaging and pictures. They’ll have Instagram, they’ll have Snapchat and they’ll have Tindr or they’ll have Waze,” Yoder explained. “And so everything that they’re doing on their phone right now is either communication, playing games and getting guidance — literally maps, but also where the cool place to go is — and then setting the time that they’re actually going to go participate in something with their friends.”

How to work some millennial mobile magic for casinos? An app may be the answer.

“Obviously, they need to have an app,” Yoder said. “Not everybody still has one, but then it has to be very contextual. It can’t be an app that’s all about a slot finder because the millennials don’t even care about the slot machines. It’s got to be, come play this new game that you’re already playing, like Candy Crush, on this table, on that kind of machine. Give them an experience.”

And in sum, it looks like “there’s an app for that” should apply to millennials and casinos, too.

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