eConsultancy: Mobile Marketing for Casinos Must Be Mastered

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eConsultancy Mobile Marketing for Casinos Must Be MasteredWhile many industries have years under their respective belts when it comes to digital and mobile marketing, online casinos are still new enough that they need to figure out what generates the most success in their realm of marketing.

To help online and mobile casinos identify the best places to invest their digital marketing dollars (at least for the time being), eConsultancy released a new report titled Improving Mobile Casino Performance.

They found the factors below to be the most successful mobile marketing techniques.

Sign-Up Bonuses

Even when searching for a mobile casino, gamers desire a casino that will give them a sign up bonus worth their while. This could be 100% cash back up to a certain dollar amount, enough for a free game or two, or a bonus dependent on the initial deposit amount.

Cross-Campaign Marketing

Cross-campaign marketing is proving to be a success across all industries—including the top players among online and mobile casino operators. To create brand awareness, ensure that there is a common thread between your online and offline marketing methods. Timing of advertising is also essential. So figure out when your target audience is more likely to be online, instead of in front of the TV (and vice versa) and plan your marketing to coincide.

Push Notifications

One form of mobile only communication is the so-called push notification. While gamers can turn their push notifications on and off, it is essential to have a pop up when a user initially signs up requesting to turn push notifications “on.” Push notifications can be used to encourage more frequent gaming by sending reminders and special promotions.

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