Harder Times Ahead for Atlantic City Casinos?

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Casino Marketers Say Gambling is Not the Only Reason to Head to Atlantic CityAre things looking up for Atlantic City’s embattled gaming industry? Or are matters about to take a turn for the worse?

According to an alarming new report from the AP shared by DelawareOnline, more casino closures are being predicted.

Moody’s Investors Service “predicts a new wave of casino expansion in the Northeast will lead to more casino closings in Atlantic City.”

The end result? Even more pressure to “survive” for the casinos left standing in Atlantic City.

“The company says it expects additional casinos to close in Atlantic City, where four of 12 went out of business last year due in large part to ever-increasing competition,” the report notes.

What’s more, similar turmoil could loom ahead for gaming establishments in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Rhode Island and New York.

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