Moorman Wins 15th Triple Crown

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Moorman Wins 15th Triple CrownChris Moorman of Brighton, East Sussex recently beat his own record when he won his fifteenth Triple Crown in online poker.

The Triple Crown in online poker is achieved when the player wins 3 tournaments on 3 sites in a 7 day span and each tournament has over 100 players and over 10,000 dollars in the prize pool.

According to, this puts Moorman’s accomplishment four higher than the next highest Triple Crown winner, Hungary’s Belabacsi, who has eleven. He has also reportedly made $9,815,796 in online tournaments and $2,962,569 in live tournaments.

Aat the end of last year Moorman shared his philosophy of how to win a Triple Crown after he broke out of a short slump to win his twelfth Triple Crown.

“A lot of people win tournaments on PokerStars and Full Tilt and then try to win one on one of the Euro sites,” he said. “I think that’s the wrong approach. Full Tilt, with its smaller field sizes, is probably the easiest to win a tournament on now, so it’s actually much better to win a Euro tournament first rather than last. I try to play most of the sites in every session I have to give myself the best shot at winning one.”

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