Remark Media Tapped for Marketing Lyft Las Vegas

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Lyft in Las VegasRemark Media, Inc. is getting a Lyft in Las Vegas — literally.

The Las Vegas-based digital media company specializing in the Millennial demographic recently entered into a contract to manage local marketing and community relations efforts for ride-sharing service Lyft in Las Vegas.

“Remark has built a unique position in Las Vegas marketing and advertising, which was further strengthened by our September 2015 acquisition of the city’s premier travel and entertainment booking site,,” Remark Media’s Chairman and CEO Kai-Shing Tao is quoted in a provided statement.

“We have experience reaching a demographic that is well served by Lyft, making us a perfect match,” Tao adds. “We are excited about the opportunity to help Lyft better serve the needs of the greater Las Vegas community, and we intend to pursue additional relationships with like-minded companies.”

To learn more about Remark Media, click here.

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